KARACHI: Second meeting of PULMO-CLUB KARACHI was held in a local Hotel, Karachi, on 24th, December, 2014. The club is a platform for chest physicians to discuss the problem cases and social contacts among them. Prof. Sohail Akhter from Ziauddin University, well-comeed the participants.  He also presented a case.

Prof. Javaid A Khan of Aga Khan University, presented two cases of blood transfusions related lung injuries, resulting in some transient pulmonary complications managed conservatively.

Dr.Hussain Khanani, from Fatimiyyah Hospital, discussed a case of bronchial asthma and also suspect case of pulmonary TB. Can we use systemic corticosteroids freely in such cases? Participants actively shared their experience and discussed the matter in depth.

Prof Nadeem Rizvi, from JPMC, said it is safe to give corticosteroids for short period without increasing risk of TB. He elaborated data from various journals that systemic steroids for short period in patients having bronchial asthma does not increase risk of pulmonary TB.   

Dr. Zafaryab Hussainfrom Baqai University Hospital, discussed a case of (traumatic)  tension pneumothorax getting spontaneous resolution without surgical intervention. Patient had trauma on left side of chest with un-displaced fracture Ribs on left side and tension pneumothorax on Right side, which resolved in ten days without surgical intervention. She stayed at home against medical advice. Dr. Shaheena Qayum, Dr. Nausheen, Dr. Nisar Rao, Dr. Shaista and Dr Saifullah Beg were also present. (PR)

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