DROP Registry sponsored by PharmEvo will cover T1DM T2DM, GDM & Diabetic Foot-Prof.Abdul Basit


DROP Registry sponsored by
PharmEvo will cover T1DM T2DM,
GDM & Diabetic Foot-Prof. Abdul Basit
Research cell established at BIDE has so far
published 225 scientific papers

KARACHI:  PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals has signed a Memorandum, of Understanding with Health Research Advisory Board (Health RAB) for the preparation of Diabetes Registry of Pakistan named as (DROP). The formal ceremony to sign this MOU was held on Friday October 8, 2021.  Prof. Abdul Basit Director of Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) affiliated with Baqai Medical University represented Health Rab while Syed Jamshed Ahmad Deputy Chief Executive Officer represented PharmEvo. The function was also attended by many faculty members from BIDE.

PharmEvo has signed an MOU with Health RAB for the DROP Registry recently on September 8th. Picture shows
Prof. Basit on behalf of Health RAB and Syed Jamshed Ahmed on behalf of PharmEvo exchanging the documents
after the MOU signing ceremony. Also seen in the picture are Mr. Mansoor Khan Director Commercial and
Mr. Haroon Qassim
Managing Director of PharmEvo.

The number of diabetes is increasing hence this Registry, it is hoped will generate lot of useful data which will be helpful in planning future strategies.  Untreated diabetes leads to very serious complications with lot of morbidity and mortality. Treatment of diabetic foot ulcers is very expensive which a vast majority of the patients cannot afford. Hence, prevention is the only answer which will also avoid the chances of amputation.  Speaking about the DROP Registry, Prof. Basit said that we stated working on in 2006 and initially we had planned to cover Type-I diabetes only. However, now it will cover T1DM, T2DM, Gestational Diabetes as well as data related to Diabetic Foot. It is sponsored by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals which had been helping us for the last many years. They also helped us to establish a Research Cell at BIDE in 2006 which has now developed into a well-equipped and well-staffed Research Centre and it has produced numerous scientific publications over the years. The total number of papers that BIDE has published is now 225 and we are extremely grateful to PharmEvo which was the first company to come forward and promote research culture in the country. Our protocol for TIDM Registry is now being used by Harward at its centers in fourteen countries. Government of Sindh has signed MOU with us to provide standardized diabetic care in the province of Sindh. We are collaborating with Al-Khidmat which has forty five set-ups for diabetes. This registry, he opined was an ongoing project which started twenty five years ago at a modest scale but was now being expanded to cover all diabetes. Prof. Basit also thanked Prof.Shahid Noor, Prof.A.G.Billoo, Prof. Asher and others who are actively involved in the Registry and research work at BIDE, with Health RAB.

Earlier in his welcome address Syed Jamshed Ahmed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PharmEvo referred to their discussion with Health RAB many years ago when they helped establish this institution. This Registry, he hoped, will make an important impact in Paksitan as we are seeing an alarming increase in patients suffering from diabetes. Data is extremely important for future planning and improvement in patient care. He pointed out that everybody in the society needs to contribute its share to prevent diabetes which will help to reduce the diabetes burden in Paksitan.

Mr. Haroon Qassim Managing Director of PharmEvo speaking at the occasion said that data was new oil and gold which helps you in future planning. Diabetes pandemic was a great challenge for Paksitan. I have seen many friends dying at the age of forty and fifty years due to cardio metabolic syndrome. It has a direct bearing on our life style which we must change. DROP Registry was a dream come true as data will help physicians to control this situation. We in Pakistan has constantly refused to change our life style and people continue to suffer. We need local data for planning. We started this journey for Registry with Health RAB long time ago. He also thanked Prof.Shahid Noor and the PharmEvo team which had organized this meeting and was collaborating in this project. A large number of senior Executives of PharmEvo from Marketing were also present on this occasion.

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