Increase in exports is vital for economic stability of Pakistan - Dr. Faisal Sultan



Increase in exports is vital for economic
stability of Pakistan - Dr. Faisal Sultan

Urges Pharma industry to follow ethical guidelines
and practice ethical marketing

DRAP is going for automation and Govt. Policies are
aimed at ease for doing business-Dr. Asim Rauf

From our correspondent

Islamabad: We must increase our exports which is vital for economic stability. If our imports are more than exports, it will lead to inflation and price increase which will affect everyone in the country. This conference devoted to pharmaceuticals export is extremely important and we have the potential to cross even five hundred million dollars’ worth of drugs exports. This was stated by Dr. Faisal Sultan, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Health while speaking at the recently held First Pakistan Pharma Export Summit and Awards conference organized by PPMA on September 29th 2021.

Dr. Faisal Sultan Advisor to PM on Health along with Mr. Tauqeer Ul Haq presenting a memento to
Dr. Asim Rauf Chief Executive of DRAP at PESA 2021 at Islamabad on September 29th, 2021.

He made a passionate appeal to the pharmaceutical industry that they must follow ethical guidelines while doing business and practice ethical marketing. If the industry invests in technology, quality control and improves its capability they can compete at global level. Quality he reiterated, was the main thing. We expect more from pharma industry as it deals with ailing humanity and people also expect more. He suggested that le the Pharma industry achieve the international benchmarks. Various companies are exporting drugs to even regulated markets in the developed world. It is investment which can not only increase export but our consumer at home will be helped by getting quality drugs. We should not get disappointed as investment in quality will increase your business, exports while within the country quality of drugs will also improve. Public will have increased confidence in Pakistani pharma industry for which you will be praised. He added.

Contract manufacturing Dr. Faisal Sultan stated has now been approved. It will help improve our exports. It will improve your plants as well. Access to medicines, he said, was very important. We will welcome your suggestions to make available all essential drugs at pubic healthcare facilities and we will be too glad to discuss your proposals and suggestions in this regard. Access to drugs must be improved and we should come up with a plan how it can be achieved. Pharma industry need profits only then you will invest. Availability of good quality, safe and effective drugs at competitive prices needs to be ensured. If pharma industry upholds professional ethics, its image and respect for the industry will further improve. We have realized that regulations frame work is very difficult and any new dug registration is very difficult. Hence, people get frustrated, do not invest as cost of doing business increases. We are now working on a plan to ensure one window intervention. We are going to upgrade DRAP, reforms are being introduced in its functioning. The staff at DRAP needs training to build their professional capabilities, their expertize needs to be improved. To maintain quality of drugs, equipment, ease for industry to invest, regulatory authority is being upgraded so that there is a win win situation for everyone. Pharma is for profit industry but they must create a balance between Deen and Dunya as pointed out by one of the speakers. If you for the good of the people, industry will develop and will be able to compete at interracial level.

Mr. Zahid Saeed, Ahmad Shuja, Mr. Tauqeer Ul Haq, Dr. Asim Rauf, Dr. Kaiser Waheed, Arshad Mehmood and
some other distinguished participants photographed with Dr. Faisal Sultan at PESA conference at Islamabad
on September 29th, 2021.

Dr. Faisal Sultan advised the pharma industry to go for Innovation, make some contribution in research. So far we have been using innovations made by others. It is very important for Pakistan that we also make some mark in innovations though at present we are far behind in innovating. You have the expertise and many amongst you are capable of coming up with innovations. Of course it needs lot of investment but they must remember, those companies who are doing trillions of dollars business today did make some investment many years ago and one gets dividends after few years. Many companies invested for years and years. We will provide you friendly regulatory environment. We will listen to you and see how we can help Pakistan move forward. We can do much more in pharma exports that what we are doing at present. In Covid pandemic, Pakistan did much better as compared to many other counties. However, do not forget your main stake older which is patient. Provide him good quality safe effective economically priced drugs Dr. Faisal Sultan remarked.

Dr. Asim Rauf Chief Executive Officer of DRAP in his brief address pointed out that topic of today which is export is very important and back bone for Pakistan’s development’s. We can move forward with innovative thinking. We have to create a competitive environment with neighboring countries. India as well as Bangladesh were much ahead of us in drugs exports. He suggested that we must aim at achieving the target of five billion dollars in shortest possible time. Our policies, our strategies will help achieve that. API policy for indigenous manufacturing in Pakistan, toll manufacturing, ease of doing business was all aimed at helping the Pakistani pharma industry. We in DRAP are going for automation so that human interaction is as less as possible. Govt is committed to achieve the target. Our vision is high and we will achieve that target, he added.

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