Faisalabad Medical University signs MOU with ILE for faculty training in Leadership in Healthcare


Faisalabad Medical University signs
MOU with ILE for faculty training in
Leadership in Healthcare
Inspirational leadership has the potential to
improve staff morale; enhance the service
levels and increase patient satisfaction

From our correspondent

FAISALABAD: Faisalabad Medical University has also joined the medical universities and medical institutions in Pakistan which have signed Memorandum of Understanding with Institute of Leadership Excellence to train its faculty in Leadership in Healthcare. The formal MOU signing ceremony was held at FMU Campus on October 27th 2021. Prof. Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry Vice Chancellor of FMU signed the MOU on behalf of the university while Dr. Masood Jawaid Director Medical Affairs and Innovations at PharmEvo signed it on behalf of ILE. Registrar of FMU Dr. Akmal Rasheed and Dr. Sumera Ehsan from Department of Medical Education at FMU, Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chairperson of PharmEvo Research Forum and Chief Editor of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences were also present on this occasion.

In his brief speech on this occasion Prof. Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry highlighted the importance of training the healthcare professionals in Leadership in Healthcare. Every member of the faculty has a leadership role and though they are highly competent and experienced clinicians, most of them lack leadership experience. This training programme, he opined, will go a long way in building their professional capacity and thus improving not only teaching and training but also patient care. He also named Dr. Sumera Ehsan as the focal person for this training activity and hoped that this MOU will be implemented soon. The first training session, he further stated, should be arranged as soon as possible for which necessary arrangements should be undertaken. He further stated that details of this programme should also be shared with the Registrar office.

Prof. Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry Vice Chancellor Faisalabad Medical University and Dr. Masood Jawaid Director
Medical Affairs at PharmEvo exchanging documents after sighing a Memorandum of Understanding between
FMU and ILE for training of FMU faculty members in Leadership in Healthcare on October 27th 2021. Also
seen in the picture are M. Rauf, Dr. Sumera Ehsan, Shaukat Ali Jawaid and Mr. Agha Sadiq.

Dr. Masood Jawaid in his address highlighted the salient features of this training programme which has been very much appreciated by the faculty members of various medical universities, tertiary healthcare facilities where the training was organized during the last one year. In Pakistan he said, there is a strong need for leadership development in healthcare sector to systemize and structure robust and accessible healthcare services, which is often not addressed. Good health programs and organizations achieve results under challenging conditions and in changing environment, when they develop leaders who can effectively lead and manage.

Modeling the way for others requires passion, energy and commitment. The identification of right leadership attributes and skills is essential to meet the service needs of a healthcare organization. New forms of clinical leadership can energize and transform today’s work environments. A leader with purpose and enthusiasm can be a sustaining and encouraging influence for staff. Inspirational leadership in healthcare sector has the potential to improve staff morale; enhance the service levels and increase in patient satisfaction.

Institute of Leadership Excellence (ILE) it may be mentioned here was established by PharmEvo Pvt. Ltd. under its CSR initiative. Based on the vision of ILE “Creating Influential Healthcare Leaders for Building a Healthier Society”. Its objectives include to develop and support faculty members and administrative staff of various institutions for maximizing team productivity and gain a competitive edge for the organization. The programme incudes designing and delivery of workshops and certificate courses on Healthcare Leadership, Equip the participants with knowledge and expertise to reproduce workshops in their own capacity besides taking responsibility of providing logistical support, including but not limited to stationary, meals, multimedia & venue arrangements, to organize the training programs / workshops.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid thanked Prof. Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry for his vision to enhance the professional capabilities of the FMU faculty members. He also offered his help and assistance to build the image of this new medical university still in its infancy by highlighting various academic activities organized by the university.

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