HCPs should make use of Clinical Research Grant made available by PharmEvo Research Forum


A new source of funding for Research
HCPs should make use of Clinical
Research Grant made available
by PharmEvo Research Forum
FMU is going for innovations to catch up with
other medical universities - Sumera Ehsan

FAISALABAD: PharmEvo Research Forum continues its campaign for creating awareness among the healthcare professionals regarding Clinical Research Grants made available by PharmEvo through this unique initiative. The latest meeting in this series was organized at the Department of Medical Education at Faisalabad Medical University on October 28th 2021. Dr. Sumera Ehsan Head Dept. of Medical Education was the organizer and the meeting was attended by a few faculty members besides postgraduates.

In his introductory remarks, Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences who is also Chairperson of the PharmEvo Research Forum highlighted the aims and objectives of PRF which include promotion of research culture and scientific writing. Our special focus, he said, was on residents in training doing their fellowship and junior faculty members who often find it difficult to get research grants. The research proposals submitted will be evaluated by a panel of Advisors drawn from different disciplines of medicine and PharmEvo has no say in the decision making. The whole process, he assured, will be transparent and we will uphold professional ethics. He congratulated Dr. Sumera Ehsan for creating this purpose-built seminar room with a small faculty room for academic activities with the help of pharmaceutical industry (funded by Getz Pharma through the courtesy of Prof. Ahmed Bilal). I have always promoted the concept of judicious use of funding received from the pharma industry by the medical institutions and professional specialty organizations. This beautifully decorated purpose built seminar room was just one such example, he remarked.

PharmEvo Research Forum organized a meeting at Dept. of Medical Education at Faisalabad Medical University
on October 28th to highlight the availability of Clinical Research Grants. Group photograph taken on the occasion
shows some of the participants including Dr. GABA, Dr. Uzma from Abwa Medical College, Mr. Shaukat Ali
Jawaid Chairperson of PharmEvo Research Forum, Dr. Masood Jawaid, Dr. Sumera Ehsan and others.

Dr. Masood Jawaid Director Medical Affairs in PharmEvo then gave details of the subjects which will be covered by these grants, how to apply and the criteria of evaluation. Innovative topics, studies addressing local problems to find indigenous solutions, those which make useful addition to the existing medical literature will get preference. One can apply for research grants starting from Rs. fifty thousand to Rs. three hundred thousand. If the funding required is more than three lac, one can apply for up to three lack and seek remaining funding from other sources. However, it must be ensured that the study is completed within a time period of eighteen months. Applicants are also supposed to give a breakdown of the funding requirement which may include charges for investigations, medications, data collection, publication charges etc. Other details are available on the website www.prf.pharmevo.biz

Dr. Uzma from Abwa Medical College participating in the discussion commended this initiative by PharmEvo and hoped it will help the young researchers. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Gaba a noted cardiologist also appreciated the academic activities by PharmEvo. He was full of praise for Dr. Sumera Ehsan for her active role in representing Faisalabad Medical University at different forums related to Medical Education.

Dr. Sumera Ehsan in her concluding remarks thanked PharmEvo Research Forum for organizing this meeting. She further stated that Faisalabad Medical University was still in its infancy and we are far behind other medical universities established many years ago. To catch up with them we are all the time looking for innovations, faculty of FMU is busy in numerous academic activities and all this is to promote the image of this university and establish its credibility. Like any other new institution, we do have some problems but our Vice Chancellor Prof. Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry, Registrar, other faculty members are doing their best to establish it on sound footings. We are also helping other affiliated colleges, planning new programmes to promote and strengthen teaching training and patient care.

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