PPMA warns of Drug shortage due to delay in import of pharmaceuticals raw material


PPMA warns of Drug shortage due to delay
in import of pharmaceuticals raw material

KARACHI: After the Sugar, Atta, Petrol shortage the people of Pakistan might get the gift of shortage of drugs and medicines by the incompetent and inefficient PTI Government. The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association has released an advertisement to inform the public of the critical situation. PPMA has blamed the government authorities of un-necessary delay in import policy for pharmaceutical raw material and its failure to take any decision for the last five weeks. The government must immediately get in touch with the PPMA and take steps for interrupted supply of pharmaceuticals raw material.

PPMA, the advertisement stated, has been trying its best to ensure smooth supply of drugs and medicines despite difficult circumstances but in view of the prevailing situation, it is feared that shortage of drugs and medicines may be seen in the coming weeks and months if no effective remedial measures are taken immediately. Currently many drugs are in short supply and some have even disappeared from the market. As soon as the news appears in the media of efficacy of any drug in the treatment of COVID19 patients, it immediately disappears from the market. Healthcare Commission and other government agencies have also started monitoring the situation and DRAP has also announced that some of these drugs should not be sold without a doctor’s prescription.

When the news about the result of a trial in UK about the efficacy of Dexamethasone appeared, this preparation suddenly disappeared from the market. This is despite the fact that these steroid preparations are already being routinely used in Pakistan in Intensive Care Units for the management of critically ill patients. Indiscriminate use of these steroid preparations which must be used under doctor’s supervision could lead to many serious side effects and the public needs to be informed of these dangerous side effects.

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