Many important positions at public sector medical universities lying vacant since long


Many important positions at
public sector medical universities 
lying vacant since long
Some faculty members have been given
additional responsibilities but it has seriously
affected the functioning of these institutions,
retarded their further growth & development

ISLAMABAD: Many important positions including permanent Vice Chancellors, Pro Vice Chancellors, Registrars, Controller of Examinations and Deans of various sections are vacant at various public sector medical universities since long. Some faculty members have been given additional responsibilities as a stop gap arrangement but it has effectively checked not only the further growth and development of these institutions but also adversely affected teaching and training programmes. Since Governors are Chancellors of the universities, these posts have also been politicized and various political groups are lobbying for their favourite candidates.

One fails to understand when it is known that someone is due to retire on a given date, why the decisions to grant him/her extension or appoint a new person is not initiated in time and these posts are intentionally kept vacant for the highest bidders. Those who are given the responsibility on adhoc basis are also not interested to fill up the other posts for reasons which are not difficult to understand. In some public sector universities the posts of Pro Vice Chancellors have not yet been created by the Vice Chancellors as they do not wish to share their powers with others and are interested to prolong this adhoc arrangement for an indefinite period. Though search committees are formed and they forward a list of few deserving candidates after short listing and interview but then in some cases the whole process is discarded to start it afresh from advertising the posts and this goes on for weeks and months.

A critical look at different public sector medical universities in all the provinces will reveal that some of these coveted posts are being kept vacant since long. It is generally felt that if Governors are replaced with some academicians with known accomplishments as Chancellors of these universities, the situation might improve. The authorities also need to make rules to ensure that none of these posts remain vacant and the process of selecting new incumbents is started at least six months before the known date of the vacancy.

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