COV19 mortality crosses 49,000 worldwide


COV19 mortality crosses
49,000 worldwide

ISLAMABAD: Deaths due to Corona Virus has crossed the figure of forty nine thousand worldwide till April 2nd 2020. The number of confirmed cases of Corona virus in Paksitan was reported to be three thousand three hundred with thirty three deaths. The virus is reported to have infected over ten lac people worldwide.

The low number of cases reported from Paksitan is because we are slow in conducting tests due to non-availability of testing kits. Healthcare professionals treating these patients overseas continue to warn that countries in Asia should not take this pandemic lightly and it was too early to draw any conclusions. Though elderly people are at high risk but it affects all age groups.

Healthcare professionals in Pakistan including doctors, nurses, and paramedics with the support of Army medical personnel are doing a commendable job working on the front lines despite lot of hardships and difficulties. There are constant reports of non-availability of protective clothes and other PPEs, some doctors and nurses are also reported to have got infected while treating patients. The authorities have established big Isolation and Quarantine centers at Expo centers at Karachi and Lahore, some hospitals, educational institution besides Railway coaches. The areas affected most are being quarantined and mass screening is underway.

It is generally felt that had the authorities handled the Zaireens coming from Iran at Taftan Border from Iran efficiently, putting them in quarantine with proper facilities and allowed them to go only after tests, the virus could have been more easily controlled. Not only that, Paksitan was also very slow in closing its borders, international flights. The performance of the Sindh Government in general and its Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah in particular has been exceptional which has been commended by everyone including the critics of the PPP while the federal government, as well as other provincial governments were slow to act. A large number of NGOs, Trust and Foundations are also busy in relief work. University of Health Sciences Lahore with the help of pharma industry arranged a large number of protective dresses for the healthcare professionals which have been distributed throughout the province. The months of April and May might see a surge in the number of reported cases as more and more tests are performed. In the meantime there is lot of misinformation, disinformation about the treatment of this pandemic for which no vaccine is so far available. Passive immunization using the plasma from the infected and cured patients as well as numerous available drugs including chloroquine is being tried. Many agents known for their anti viral and immunity enhancing properties are also being investigated. The situation about the prevalence of COV19 is changing on daily basis. Healthcare professionals all over the world including the United States are very much annoyed at the way the administration has so far handled this crisis and they are preparing to launch a movement for effective reforms in health sector which should be aimed at patient as well as healthcare professional’s safety rather than based on profit generating plans. They have pledged to take the non-professional health bureaucrats to task in the days to come and make them accountable for each and every death of healthcare professionals busy in treating these patients.

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