Hazards of Tobacco &
Alcohol Consumption

In Pakistan the menace of tobacco consumption and harmful alcohol consumption is spreading like wild fire. The Govt. of Pakistan in order to get fifteen billions of revenue does not enforce best buy, high impact intervention recommended by the WORLD HEALTH ORIGINISATION [WHO] -banning tobacco advertising and restricting harmful alcohol consumption. The Govt. has not rotated the health warning on cigarette packs nor even increased the size of the pictorial warning or replaced in with new one by adopting WHO recommendations. Most of the countries have achieved successes in reducing tobacco consumption -Turkey is an example of remarkable success.
Tobacco consumption has high morbidity and mortality, destroys many lives prematurely reducing economic productivity. Enormous money is spent on the diseases created by the consumption of tobacco -many times higher than the revenue generated plus the miseries and agonies to the families and overburden on health care system.
About alcohol it is glaring fact that many prominent hotels are selling alcohol openly without permits and even to teen aged children. The least the Govt. can do is to stop these hotels from this illegal, immoral and lethal activity. The Govt. apprehend ordinary people selling liquor but acts in complicity with tycoons selling alcohol even to innocent children, harming their lives and the country. While other countries have taken effective measures to tackle the menace of tobacco consumption, our elitist Govt. working for the elitist is least concerned with the welfare of the common man.

Lt. Gen. Prof. Emeritus
Mahmood Ahmad Akhtar,
43-Race course Road,
Rawalpindi - Pakistan.

 PM&DC Guidelines on
CME Credit Hours

It gives me great agony to read the full 11 pages of PMDC Registration Renewal Procedure. The Renewal of Registration should be simple as it has been before.
The structure prescribed by the PMDC for the renewal of registration is not equally available to a large number of doctors in Pakistan. A large number of doctors working in big cities are unable to find a body as specified by the PMDC as almost None has been approved yet by the PMDC.
The case of doctors working in Districts & Tehsil Level / Towns is miserably poor as no accrediting Body is available to them.
The specified / approved faculty is not available in far & wide in Pakistan. Furthermore the faculty members as specified by PMDC in each discipline are not so available to a large number of doctors.
The case of those Patriot Doctors working in Village Level place is even more worse as they are deprived of the latest facilities at these places.
The PMDC should facilitate the doctors for their Registration Renewal & should not create hurdles in their registration after every five years. This action is prohibiting doctors to go ahead for their registration & thus depriving the country’s exchequer & PMDC of the Renewal fees.
There is no available infra-structure as laid out by the PMDC & further imposing a fee of PKR 50,000 for its recognition by PMDC is worth laughing. It would be worth mentioning that the decision has to be reconsidered by the PMDC as otherwise a large number of doctors would be deprived of their lawful registration.
This is a matter concerning thee whole country and I would like to emphasize that this renewal should be made easier by making it online renewal simply by submitting the dues online.

Dr. Mubeen Malik
(KEMC Class 1984)
Kharian Cantt.

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