Dismemberment of Pakistan:
Separation of East Pakistan


This is in reference to the “View point” Published in June 1st 2020 issue of Pulse International by Respected Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Mahmood Ahmed Akhtar on the subject, PAKISTAN DISMEMBERMENT- East Pakistan separation and usurpation of power.

It’s been almost 50 years this tragic incident is still alive in our minds and keep haunting, why??? Thanks to our Respected Author for penning down in detail the real reasons. Yes, I totally agree we ALL need to look in detail the real reasons for separation of East Pakistan. This Article should be shared as much as possible (at least, we can make this little effort) as it is very rare these days to read the real facts and find people talking Truth! Hats off to you Sir!!

 Qaiser Rehman (Mrs)
Celtek Pharma
Karachi - Pakistan.

In Pakistan it is Lassi which 
rules over the Cream

Thank you Shaukat. Enjoyed your write up. I did my medical house job with late Prof Iftikhar. He and Col. Najeeb always had a tiff with Surgeon Rahim who was the administrator/Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital those days.

One morning Surgeon Rahim came for a round with his entourage and began shouting at Prof Iftikhar and Najeeb for parking their cars opposite Medical-2. Rahim Sahib kept yelling. Cant they see it says no parking here.

After a while Col. Najeeb came out with a chalk in his hand and converted the P of Parking to B and pointing to Prof Iftikhar standing nearby. Said “tell the man to read the sign, it says:

No barking”. They were good people.

Prof. Shabih H. Zaidi
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I read this report with great interest. Very touching Shaukat Sahib. It is not even the ‘Lassi Group’ who is ruling today. Unfortunately, the medical profession in Pakistan is at its worst state as of today.

 Dr. Gohar Wajid,
Technical Officer, Health 
Professions Education, World Health 
Organization St. P. O. Box 7608, Nasr City, Cairo 11371, Egypt.
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Helplessness of Medical 
Profession in Pakistan

This refers to your “Off the Record” Column published in June 15th issue highlighting the Helplessness of the Medical Profession in Pakistan these days. I Couldn’t agree more. Profession left as a prey to the state who can’t handle the situation.

Even the outdated Hippocrates oath does not instruct to save life at the peril of your own life. GMC and MPS have categorically instructed all health workers to protect themselves first.

But look what is happening everywhere. So sad. Politicians lied to the public and the States deceived them both in the West and the East. Like it us said. “Every dog has a day. Time will tell.”

 Prof. Shabih H. Zaidi 
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Listen to Experts to manage
COVID19 Pandemic

This refers to your “Off the Record”, column published in Pulse International of June 15th 2020 related to o spread of Covid-19. Pakistan has indeed, seen a good time and a bad time. During good time, almost all doctors in person and associations, pleaded people and government to take precautionary measures and restrict activities to avoid death and disability from infection, in poorly prepared health systems and inadequate diagnostic capacity.

Government should have taken the advice, based on evidence of progression curve of virus replication recorded in countries suffering from Covid -19, before it struck Pakistan. The 1st case report due to SARS-Cov- 2 infection in Pakistan was on 27th February 2020, after 5 months of its 1st appearance in Wuhan. To continue the business as usual, in Eidul-fitar festivities, to preserve the economy and the daily wagers, took preference over the Health Experts advice. Financial losses considered being colossal in the lock down and assumed danger of large number of people dying from hunger, prevented people and the government to adapt short term stringent measures. The bad time took no longer than a month, where the death toll in 1st half of June, 2020 rose to level, which was achieved in last three months in Pakistan. The active infected cases surged to one lac fifty thousand. Pakistan completed the journey to become 5th most infected country within 15 days. The permanent economic loss due to the death of earning members and off work situation of people due to quarantine and convalescence from Covid- 19, if counted in economic terms multiplied with loss of productive years of lives, may be greater than presumed at the outset of lockdown.

Governments have got to be able to move more quickly in pandemic reality of covid-19.The slight delay by Chinese authorities for putting the advice of expert on backburner converted an endemic to apparently unending pandemic. The Pandemic which has spread to the world to the extent not recorded in recent history of health, economics and academia. More than 2200 scientific papers have been published on covid-19, more than 2000 clinical trials are under way, big pharmacy firms and rich countries are sinking billions of dollars with no definite therapy and the vaccination in sight for the virus. IMF has postponed the return of loans and pledged Trillion dollars, World Bank group has reported to have allocated 12 billion$ for the bruised economies of the poor counties. Those who died due to delay and inaction cannot be returned to the families with these policies. However, it is not end of story; post Covid - 19 economic shocks have already started here. Money saved from frozen payments to IMF (deferring the loans) and other resources should be used judiciously on health, agriculture, education, digital technology and development of infrastructure, without political preference and corruption. There is credible evidence in developed world to respect and encourage the experts for their honest opinions by the political leaders, rather to malign them. Politicians cannot be masters of all matters; again a golden opportunity waits for the government to prepare for the post Covid-19 economical aftershocks by best utilization of the opinion of expert of respective fields. The world would have been different today; if in 1492 Spanish Monarch and Queen Isabella would not have supported and respected the opinion of Christopher Columbus.

 Prof. G. Asghar Channa
Karachi - Pakistan.
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