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Musarrat Hussain Memorial Symposium
Speakers pay rich tributes to late Prof. Musarrat Hussain
Young psychiatrists recall his affectionate attitude and devotion to patients


KARACHI: Speakers at a Memorial Session which included eminent psychiatrists who came from all over the country, young psychiatrists and trainees besides representatives of the media and Pharma industry paid rich tributes to late Prof. Musarrat Hussain for his affectionate attitude and devotion to patients suffering from mental disorders. Prof. Musarrat Hussain retired as Head of the Department and Executive Director of JPMC and died last year. This session was chaired by Mrs. Prof. Musarrat Hussain and his son Dr. Mubbashar Hussain and others who were sitting on the dais included Prof. Rizwan Taj President of Pakistan Psychiatric Society from Islamabad, Prof. Salahuddin Babar from Bahawalpur, Prof. Sultan and Dr. Mian Iftikhar from Khyber PK and Dr. Amanat Mohsin from Karachi. Dr. Majid Ali Abidi Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Prof. Musarrat Hussain Memorial Psychiatric Symposium who is one of his trainees moderated the session.

Dr. Majid Ali Abidi speaking at the Prof. Musarrat Husain Memorial Session during the Musarrat Husain Memorial Psychiatric Symposium held in Karachi recently. Prof. Mrs. Musarrat Husain along with President Pakistan Psychiatric Society Prof. Rizwan Taj is chairing the session.

In his introductory remarks Dr. Majid Ali Abidi said that Prof. Musarrat Hussain was very affectionate to his trainees and always took extra care for the well being of his postgraduates trainees. He not only looked after their teaching and training but also looked after the family welfare.

Dr. Mubbashar Hussain son of late Prof. Musarrat Hussain in his speech said that Prof. Musarrat was not only a good physician, competent psychiatrist but also a dedicated teacher, excellent father and husband. He had a soft, polite scientist type of personality. He had a solution to any problem whosoever approached him. He was devoted to his specialty. He always had tremendous respect for his teachers. He was at his clinic till the last day and when he received the High Resolution CT report knowing fully well that the prognosis of the disease he was suffering from was not so good, he was very composed. He was planning to go abroad of treatment when he eventually left this world.
Prof. Sultan said he was instrumental in introducing reforms in FCPS exam in psychiatry. Prof. Salahuddin Babar from Bahawalpur, Dr. Azhar Hussain from Multan, Dr. Amanat Mohsin all recalled his qualities as a human being and how devoted he was to his patients. His brothers Musharraf Hussain and Muzzamail Hussain also paid him rich tributes recalling how he looked after the entire family members and never talked about the condition of patients which were referred to him saying that it is a secret between him and his patients.

Dr. Majid Ali Abidi recalled that when he passed MCPS, he was given the Award of being the youngest specialist and then he also arranged my participation at the psychiatric conference in Quetta besides arranging my stay also paid fifteen thousand rupees so that I can buy some gift for my wife. This shows how much he used to care about his trainees whom he always loved. Brig. Shoaib Ahmad from Army, Dr. Huma from Ziauddin Medical University, Dr. Ajmal Kazmi, Prof. Aziz Yousufzai from Abbottabad, Dr. Iqbal Sirhandi and Dr. Nisar Hussain from Lahore also recalled the services of late Prof. Musarrat Hussain and pointed out that he used to charge a very nominal fee to ensure that patients can afford treatment. At times he would treat many patients free at his clinic. Dr. Nisar Hussain said that once he referred me a patient and who left the clinic after consultation without paying the fee. When he was asked, he said, we never paid to Prof. Musarrat Hussain as well; hence he was allowed to go.
Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pulse International said that late Prof. Musarrat Hussain was apart from being a good psychiatrist was a good human being as well. He was a keen listener would listen to his patients with patience something which is lacking in most of the healthcare professionals who have no time for their patients. There was no dearth of his critics as well but he knew the art of convincing them hence many of them got converted being his friends. He also worked hard and did lot of useful work as regards drafting of the Mental Health Ordinance to improve the psychiatric care in the country. Some undergraduate students of Hamdard University Medical College recalled that they never met Prof.Musarrat Hussain but came to know about his qualities from their teacher Dr. Majid Ali Abidi who always talks about him.
Summing up the session Prof. Rizwan Taj President of Pakistan Psychiatric Society said that listening to so many speakers talking good about late Prof. Musarrat Hussain shows that he was loved by many, his patients, trainees and colleagues alike. Had his son Dr. Mubbashar taken up Psychiatry, it would have carried forward the legacy of psychiatry. He also recalled that late Prof. Musarrat Hussain had exceptional qualities of drafting government correspondence, preparing summaries and briefs. Whenever he had some problem, Prof. Musarrat Hussain always came to his rescue and made his job easy. He was a well read person and not at all greedy. For many it was news that he used to charge such a nominal consultation fee which was slightly increased only few years ago. Earlier Fateha was also offered for the departed soul and it was prayed that God Almighty rest him in Peace.



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