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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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December 1-14, 2022
Volume 23 Number 23


We are facing lot of issues in Health System and Health Management

PESHAWAR: At present the government is facing lot of issues as regards health systems and health management and adding any new procedures and services to Sehat Sahulat Card will require more finances. We are happy that the importance and benefits of this initiative is being realized by the members of the medical profession.



Proceedings of Pakistan Endocrine Society Annual Conference held at Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Endocrine Society recently organized its 20th annual conference in Peshawar which was attended by a large number of doctors as well as allied health care professionals. International and national faculty delivered state of the art lectures, participated in debates and conducted workshops on different endocrine disorders. Speakers from England, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland as well as Pakistan delivered state of the art lectures.



Placental Fetal Circulation

The gas, nutrients and fluid are exchanged across the maternal and fetal placentae sandwiching intervillous spaces. The oxygenated maternal blood flows through utero-placental arteries into IVS and drained by placental uterine veins to enter the maternal circulation again. On the other side, the deoxygenated fetal blood flows through the umbilical arteries into the villi tree to pass into the villous capillaries.



For treatment of acute ASCVD early administration of aspirin is lifesaving in ACS & ischemic strokes-Prof. Shahbaz Kureshi

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Aspirin Foundation organized an early Breakfast Session on Aspirin- A Wonder Drug on November 12th the second day of the CARDIOCON 2022 organized by Pakistan Cardiac Society here from November 18th to November 20th 2022. Prof. Shahbaz Kureshi a noted cardiologist from Islamabad who is also the current President of Pakistan Aspirin Foundation was the guest speaker.


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