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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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September 15-30, 2020
Volume 21 Number 18


The fear of death has made us a Coward Nation
as some are worried on losing the luxurious life-PM AJK

MUZAFFARABAD (AJK): The fear of death of has made us a coward Nation as some of us are not prepared to lose the luxurious life we are living. Everyone started crying after few weeks of lockdown but we must remember what is happening to our brothers and sisters living in occupied Jammu and Kashmir who are facing the worst situation for the last over one year.

Medical Educationists should replace
Governors as Chancellor of Medical Universities

ISLAMABAD: If the government is serious to promote research culture and improve the standards of medical education, functioning of medical institutions in the country, let the medical educationists be appointed as Chancellor of medical universities replacing the Governors.

Students who qualify should have the choice to
get admission to any institution - Prof. A.J. Khan

MUZAFFARABAD: (AZAD JAMMU & KASHMIR). Students who qualify for admission to medical and dental colleges as per the government policy should then have the right to get admission to the institutions of their choice.

 Let us all work to make Pakistan a Great
Nation-Sardar Masood Ahmad Khan

MUZAFFARABAD (AJK): We all must have tall ambitions. We have a very young population and if we all work with devotion, we are capable of becoming one of the Top-Ten economies of the World and join the developed Nations.

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