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Feeling the Pulse of Health Sector in Pakistan

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July 15-31, 2019
Volume 20 Number 14


Dentistry will remain under shadow of Medicine
till the dentists find sincere leadership &
have their own Dental Council

ISLAMABAD: The discipline of Dentistry has made tremendous progress over the last few decades and now it has numerous sub-specialties functioning not only overseas but also in Pakistan.

Excerpts from Random Musings
by Dr. Alaf Khan

James Dickie hailed from Greenock, a small west coast town a few miles outside greater Glasgow. He had, as a schoolboy, read English translations of some Arabic classics like Thousand and One Nights (Alf lailah). He was hooked just as most kids are hooked by Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter.

Federal Govt. returns back tertiary care
hospitals at Karachi & Lahore to
provinces citing financial constraints

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government’s positive decision to return back the tertiary care hospitals at Karachi and Lahore to the respective provincial government deserve to be appreciated and commended.

Uses, Misuses and Abuses of supplements

Diet is health- diet is medicine said Hippocrates the father of Medicine. In Pakistan supplements are aggressively promoted and sold in the markets. These are exempted control by the regulatory authorities therefore has an open field.

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